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By Edward James


The Truth Allies Trilogy

THE GREAT RESET by Edward James is the first book in the Truth Allies Trilogy. A riveting, fictional novel about a friendly artificial intelligence that resets our entire societal structure. Cameron Caussa just can’t get through a day without seeing all that is wrong with the world. OMNI is Cameron’s best friend and also happens to be the world’s first, fully functional and self-aware AI.  What happens next is the Great Reset. The world is changed forever, as OMNI loves humanity, but hates corruption. The GREAT RESET is an intense, sometimes humorous look at the daily problems we face in today’s world. It’s unlike any AI story ever told before.

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Edward James

Edward James is the author of THE GREAT RESET, the first book in the Truth Allies trilogy. With over twenty five years experience in high technology, including data technologies, Information Security, Big Data and analytics, Mr. James has worked for some of the largest corporations and government bodies in the world. He approaches writing with a raw ferocity that few possess, focusing on weaving fiction around modern day truths of the world today. Edward James’ political views are in a spectrum a few degrees right and left of center. His story lines point straight at extreme viewpoints to the far right and far left, challenging all thinking people to open their minds and possibly change their point of view.


Truth Allies is a concept that thinking people share in order to flush out corruption and extremism. The truth is always better than turning away and walking toward ignorance.

– Edward James

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